Healing For Animals

One of the joys of healing with animals is the knowledge that they have no preconceived ideas about whether it will work or not, most types of healing work just as well for them as they do for us. Animals have chakras just as we do and healing works through these energy centres as it does for us. Whilst healing cannot produce “miracle” cures it can help to ease pain, bring comfort, and calm a distressed animal. It is particularly effective with emotional problems “Yes” animals do suffer from emotional problems just as we do and sometimes it is that problem causing the physical symptom. I can come out and see animals in their own home if it is not too far, they can come to my own home or we can use distant healing. Distant healing works just as well and for this I would need a photograph and brief details about the animal.   Small animals are safer in a carry cage, and it helps them to feel more secure. The healing works just as well. 

Important: If an animal becomes ill suddenly or is injured, veterinary help must be sought immediately. Healing is not a replacement for veterinary care it is complementary to that care, no medication or treatment prescribed by a vet should be discontinued and your vet should be aware that the animal is receiving healing.

Pet Bereavement Support

Pet loss does not necessarily mean death, it can occur when a pet goes missing (is literally lost) or when it has to be re-homed because the owners circumstances change. Sometimes the level of grief felt in the latter situation is deeper than an actual passing. Friends and relatives may not understand how much the loss is affecting the owner’s life and in an emotional situation it isn’t always possible to explore all the options available. I do understand and can give help, comfort, and advice over the phone or face to face.

I can also produce small hand painted sympathy cards relating to a specific pet, with suitable wording.

Sheila Moore
Telephone: 01366 328629
Mobile: 07778 385351
Email crystalcaretherapies@btinternet.com

Animal healing is £15 for 30 minutes. 
If I travel more than 5 miles there will be a charge for fuel.


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