Colour Therapy Healing Cards

A range of small cards that can be used at any time.  These cards use the principles of Colour Therapy and visualisation.  They are designed to take the recipient on a gentle meditative journey where thought goes out to all aspects of life and makes them aware that there are universal healing energies available to all who ask.

In these troubled times we need to recognise that it matters not which religion or culture we come from, we are all as one in the universe.

They each have their individual wording which reflects the journey or affirmation.  They are supplied A5 size with complimentary coloured envelopes to support the healing process.  The healing energies are retained and refreshed when stored in their correct envelopes.


   Doormice    Small Boat   Red Squirrel

   African Dog  Loch
  Red Wolf 2 Desert 

   Snow Leopard 1  Red Wolf 1
  Snow Leopard 2

All images copyright Crystalcare Therapies 2010

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