Energy Healing

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The British Complementary Medicine Association


Spiritual healing is a universal energy, a natural holistic therapy. There is no need to actually touch a person. Energy will be channeled through the healer to the electromagnetic field around the client. The energies will help to clear imbalances on all levels, mental physical and spiritual.The physical body consists of energy, as we rush around doing our daily tasks we put our body through stress. If we are well, and balanced, our body can cope with this. However, if the level of stress accumulates, and is not dealt with, it will gradually weaken our immune system and may eventually manifest as a dis-ease. Energy enters our electromagnetic fields through the chakras ( energy points around our subtle auric bodies), the seven major chakras correspond to areas of the body and the organs within that area. Healing works through these chakras . There are several other chakra points known as the minor chakras, these are also very important for healing, but most healing work is directed through the seven major chakras.Each of the chakras ( chakra is a Sanskrit word for a wheel or circle) has its own sanskrit name and radiates its own distinct colour and many healers can ‘see’ these colours and may know by the shade of the colour whether that chakra needs re-balancing. Each chakra also resonants to its own particular sound.


Crystals (often referred to as “flowers of the earth”) have many different colours and have been used as a healing tool for many centuries. In Roman times, Pliny the Elder wrote a book on the healing properties of crystals, it was called Historia Naturalis. The more gentle colours such as Rose Quartz and Amethyst have a very calming effect , fiery colours such as Carnelian, Garnet and Ruby suggest an increase in energy. All crystals resonate to the vibration specific to their type and it is this that resonates with our own electromagnetic field and helps to correct imbalances and allow the body to heal itself. As a generalization the colour of the crystal attunes to the colourof each chakra i.e. red stones such as Garnet or Red Jasper among many others for the base chakra, Orange Carnelian for the sacral, Citrine for the solar plexus and so on. Crystal Healing is a separate specialist therapy in itself.


Colour Therapy is another healing tool that can bring relief and correction to imbalances in our minds and bodies. This again is a specialist therapy although many healers will be aware of colour (or lack of it) around their clients when channeling energy healing.

All healing therapies except the psychic art are £15 for 30 minutes. If I travel more than five miles there will be a charge for fuel.

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