Crystal Care

Sheila Moore  
Member of The Healing Foundation, Essex Healers 
British Complementary Medicine Association 
Associate Member Animal Care College 

Hello, my name is Sheila. I first became interested in spiritual matters in about my thirtieth year when I began to have dreams that happened. I was a driving instructor at the time and as the dreams became more persistent I spoke about it to one of my pupils. She said to me “don’t worry I will take you to a spiritualist church, they will explain it all to you.” She did just that and for the last thirty six years it has been an important part of my life.

For me one of the most cherished aspects of this has been healing. I also found that an underlying love of art led to me being used by my guides and mentors for psychic art. I was given a lot of encouragement by the people that I met at the Billericay Spiritualist Church and I would like to say a very special thank you to Bob and Muriel Johnson for the love and encouragement they gave me. Bob passed over several years ago, he was a natural artist and a brilliant medium, he built my confidence in every matter spiritual all those years ago.


Time moved on and I indulged in another passion which was a love of dogs. I love animals of any type but dogs are my passion. I bred and showed German Shepherd Dogs.  A new scheme had started which involved taking pets to hospitals and nursing homes to give people there a chance to stroke and have contact with animals. This is a form of healing and I witnessed some wonderful little miracles taking place, I always came away feeling humble. It is now well proven and documented that stroking and inter acting with an animal can improve health mentally and physically for some people.

Then two of my dogs died rather tragically and the grief that I felt was incredible and it lasted a long time. I saw an article in a magazine from an organization called The Society for Companion Animals Studies asking for anyone who had experienced grief over losing a pet to write to them, as they were doing a study on it. I wrote to them and became a member of that organization. They set up the first pet bereavement help line and I was privileged to be part of that. It is now run by The Blue Cross.

In 1994 I became a healer and also in 1998 attended a healer/counsellor course and I found that much of the healing that I did was listening and talking to people and in that respect I found distant healing can work very well.

Sadly my much loved husband passed away in 1999 and I didn’t do much for a few years. I then became a partner in a pet shop for a while but the call to devote myself to healing has proved too strong and after a considerable amount of studying various energy related therapies, this is my future. For animals, hands on or distant healing, and for people hands on or distant healing, colour therapy through psychic art and crystals.

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