What is Psychic Art?

My perception of psychic art is images that come from the soul unplanned and sometimes at moments completely unprepared for. Sometimes the artist will just hold a pencil to paper and be guided to produce specific images such as Guides or persons relevant to a given situation. In my very early days of doing this I found that I would draw a picture with lots of different things in it, usually things that I did not know the meaning of. In the days that followed one way or another I would be shown what all the different things meant. Sometimes I would practice with people producing pictures of relatives, friends or guides that were in the spirit world. There were times when the pictures were artistically “good” and other times when they were not particularly good but conveyed a strong message. One such “good” example was last year when I drew a picture of a lady completely unknown to me, and then some months later found myself sitting next to her in a hospital. The likeness was so accurate I was dumbfounded.

Recently I have found myself inspired to do a different form of art which involves colour therapy within the picture. I am given a focus figure, and this is often an endangered species of animal, then the picture evolves around that figure using the colours that I am inspired to use. I refer to the focus figure as “The Watcher.” The recipient of the picture can then visualize themselves taking a journey through the picture with the focus as the companion. As the journey starts the recipient is asked to send love and healing to our planet and the creatures on it. As they do that, they receive healing from the universe. I am given words for each picture I call it “The Legend.” What amazes me is the fact that whatever colour it is necessary to use, the complementary colour ( which is essential to use with colour healing) is always there without me even thinking about it.


  The Red Wolf and the Red Squirrel
are both now endangered species

Images copyright Crystalcare Therapies 2008


I need to have some contact with the recipient first to make a link and then the picture is done usually in acrylics on board or possibly watercolour on paper. This is a gentle form of distant healing involving meditation and vizualisation.

There is also a range of small cards which have a similar purpose but obviously these are not individual.  See Colour Therapy Healing Cards page for more information.

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